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Welcome to Bayside Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Qld. Principal Physician: Dr Daniel J. Clare is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner - Acupuncturist; Complementary Medicine Physician & Solicitor providing evidence based, patient focused informed health care & Tertiary Education Consultancy services to the Natural Medicine Industry.

Daniel has a clinical & research interest in Musculo-Skeletal pain, Joint Injuries and Degeneration, Headaches, Arthritis, Stress, Fatigue and Mood Disorders as well as Infertility, acute illness and diseases associated with ageing.

Please feel free to review the information provided on this website and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact Daniel for an appointment. For your convenience, Daniel has consulting rooms in Capalaba 4157; Wynnum 4178 & Brisbane 4051.   

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